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Packity is a proxy network which allows the internet community to earn passive income by simply sharing unused internet bandwidth through our Packity application.
After joining the Packity network you should not feel any type of negative effect on your internet connection. Packity strictly runs in the background, uses minimal CPU, and uses very little internet bandwidth at any given moment. Our application is designed to never use more than 15% of your available internet bandwidth - which means there is lots of internet bandwidth left for you to continue normal internet use.
Packity is built by a team of internet security professionals that value privacy and built this application with the intention of securing all LAN(Local Network) activity before allowing any node to be a part of the proxy network. You can rest easy knowing that Packity is protecting your network before using your bandwidth.
Contributing bandwidth to the Packity network is very easy - simply install our application, login, and the application will run in the background. However we calculate how much you are credited for your bandwidth contribution based on your node availability & the amount of bandwidth consumed on your network.

Availability is calculated on a monthly basis. Because payments are paid out on the 1st of every month, your availability from time of registration to the last day of the month, will determine your per GB earnings. If your availability is less than 60%, you will be paid $0.05 per GB. If your availability is between 60-100%, you will be paid $0.10 per GB. We will also provide bonuses to those that are long term users of Packity and support us in our network growth and during low bandwidth usage periods.

The Packity network is used strictly by data scientists looking to conduct business research, brand protection, and web data collection. Each of our customers go through a lengthy KYC process before gaining access to the network. Before using our network, we pride ourselves in valuing customer security. Your network will not be exposed to unverified third parties and we will not allow any abuse on our network.
Sometimes there will be periods in which data scientists are looking for more network availability in the United States rather than other countries. During this period, we may send a notice via email or through our dashboard to notify users that they will be paid an extra $0.05 to $0.10 per GB if they make their network availability high during a certain time/date. We are the only provider in the industry which does this, and we do it because we want to help our Packity network contributers make the highest possible amount through this passive income earning opportunity.
Due to the demand we felt during private beta, Packity has migrated to USD so all payments will be made in USD through Paypal and users will be responsible for any conversion fees to their local currency.
Every user is given an affiliate url in their Packity dashboard. When a user registers using that affiliate URL, the affiliate will be credited $3 for every user that accumulates 7 days of being online(7*24). We have created a transparent system for affiliates to track time online for each user that they bring on to the Packity network.
Unfortunately due to the fact that VPN connections are often to datacenter servers, we will not count data that is running through your VPN connection. Continuously sharing bandwidth while connected to a VPN will lead to a ban of your account on our network.
In order to earn with Packity, there must be demand for network bandwidth in your geographical location. North America is our most popular location for bandwidth sharing however there is demand for other parts of the world and you will earn from contributing to the Packity network if you stay connected and show that you're available when we need your network space.
Simply get in touch with the Packity team at [email protected] and one of our friendly advisors will provide you a link to purchase a small bandwidth package from our team. Alternatively one of our friendly affiliates may give you a private sign up link where you can purchase one of our Packity Network Factory packages. In the near future we will add a turnkey signup process for users once we are fully out of beta.
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