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3 Simple Steps
3 Simple Steps
Download Packity software either for Windows, Mac or Android
Create an account
Sign up for Packity account. One account for all your devices
Share & Start Earning
Run our application login to activate your packity node
Easy passive income opportunity
Run Packity app in the background

Start sharing your unused bandwidth

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Comprehensive Security and compliance
We don’t collect or inspect your transferred data. As a packity provider you won’t have heavy bandwidth utilization
Your transferred data is completely private.

Protected local networks and devices

Your data is used by verified business only
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Learn why Mike is a top packity earner?
Mike is always on the look earning high rates when the demand is high in his region
Surge Bonus
Mike’s availability is 90% and loyally using Packity a couple of years now.
Loyalty Network
Runs Packity app in the background for 18+ hours daily while enjoying the internet.
High Availability
He is earning well because the active people he invited to Packity earning $3 for each.
Referral Program
“Did you know the average household in the US pays for 6TB/month of bandwidth but only utilizes 190GB (3%)”
Eastimate Your Earning
The longer you have Packity app on, The more you earn!
* The provided numbers are based on the hours you have Packity App turned on, the average network bandwidth and demand for traffic in your country.
Packity Network
Over 20,000 node providers across 30+ countries
Super proxy servers in over 15 countries
Automatic provider payouts on the 1st day of every month!
At least 1 surge guaranteed every month!
Full transparency & protection for all connected providers
Ready to get started?
Download Packity app
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